Photography Exhibition at the Longwood Center

The Longwood Center of the Visual Arts in Virginia recently presented their latest exhibition called Old School: Historical Methods in Contemporary Practice.

It was extremely interesting as it revealed the different aspects of photography and art. While passing by the LCVA, one may notice the look-through glass being covered with a black cloth with various designs on it. This however is because of the effect of camera obscura or the dark chamber that is opened for the visitors. Once inside the dark chamber there is another unique scene that the viewers can have a look at once they have adjusted to the dark.

The next gallery presented the gradual change that camera and photography have undergone over the years. A place was set up where the visitors could have their photos clicked in a photo booth. The video of artist Shaun Irving’s work and his concept of the camera truck was also shown. It gave the visitors a chance to see how the artists created their masterpiece. This gallery also featured Courtney Johnson’s work created with the pinhole camera that was homemade.

The third gallery featured the Camp Unity project where the creative genius of adults with difficulties was shown. This artwork was different from others as the artists were asked to show their personal achievements and traits. The last gallery featured works by Sally Mann and Pam Fox that contained photographs of scenes and objects. Pam Fox used a camera that was over 100 years old and had a large format. The exhibit provided immense knowledge about the essence and methods of photography and will be opened to the public for free through January.