Doctor wins wildlife photography award

Dr Thomas Rajan, during a little tour with his bros to the Kabini jungle reserve in Karnataka, past January, saw a leopard on a tree. This is exact when he froze himself waiting for the animal’s next move. It turned into a long wait. The light started to fade and Thomas Rajan almost given up his hope. Suddenly, the animal started to move. The keen photographer soon altered his camera settings. She ran down a tree in a fraction of a second.

wildlife photography

Freezing the blur made by the leaping leopard, Dr Thomas Rajan managed to hold the speed synonymous with the creature. His snapshot won him the Sanctuary Wildlife Award for photography 2015 that were announced previous week. Photography is one of the classes of the awards established in the year 2000 by conservation and nature publication Sanctuary Asia to honor people who are working to protect the wilderness of India.

According to reports, Rajan stated that even though he has a lot of magnificent shots from the wild, this one is a favorite of his because it captures the dynamic essence of wildlife photography in motion. Rajan, who is a surgeon by profession, has not always had the time indulge his passion for this art.

However, in the past 5 years, he has been travelling quite extensively to forests in India, the United States as well as Africa – even stopping in Manchester to take photos for a restaurant offers manchester website. “He said that this involves a lot of travelling, commitment and time. A lot of time is spent away from family and work. It is very important to strike a right balance between your personal life and your passion.