Benjamin Jaworskyj: The Photographer Who Became a YouTube Sensation Overnight

Taking a picture is not tough but to become famous for this, people need to promote their work in every possible way.

Such is the story of Benjamin Jaworskyj who used YouTube for reaching out to a larger section of viewers.

Since most of the people own Android phones, taking a photo using the app is easier than ever. In a blink of an eye, a photo is taken with many scopes of editing. Since it’s easy, innumerous pictures are taken every day, but only a few are stored and viewed due to lack of properly functioned digital device. Benjamin Jaworskyj, a 1986 German born individual, taught himself the art of photography after his graduation. Now, he is a star photographer as on YouTube he has 200,000 followers.

In the Cologne’s Photokina which has the record of being the largest trade fair in the field of photography, Jaworskyj was found mobbed with his fans. Everyone wanted to meet and talk to him. Ever since he became popular, he hardly has any time for himself as he is either signing autographs or is busy in delivering lectures to his fans about photography. From 17 years old to 70 years old, every person loves his work.

Now he is making around 70 tutorials and videos each year. He also guides in many workshops in places like Norway or Black Forest for inspiring the people who have an interest in photography. In 2013 his private channel “jaworskyjpictures” got the award of WebVideo Prize. Apart from selling vivid camera accessories, he has authored a couple of books.