Doctor wins wildlife photography award

Dr Thomas Rajan, during a little tour with his bros to the Kabini jungle reserve in Karnataka, past January, saw a leopard on a tree. This is exact when he froze himself waiting for the animal’s next move. It turned into a long wait. The light started to fade and Thomas Rajan almost given up his hope. Suddenly, the animal started to move. The keen photographer soon altered his camera settings. She ran down a tree in a fraction of a second.

wildlife photography

Success of the business

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Photography and Web Design

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Mystical imagery photography subject show starting in Hoboken

Photography exhibit “Microcosm” that channels the viewer to little versions of bigger worlds, would be open to public from 10th April to 3rd May, at hob’art gallery in Monroe Center of the Arts. The artists, Starr Tucker-Ortega and Tom Egan, utilize the photographic medium to offer mystical and ethereal imagery. A meeting session with the exhibitors will take place on 11th April, Saturday, from 6 pm to 8 pm. On 19th April, Sunday, the artists would talk about their snapshots and would welcome questions from others.

The photographs of Tom Egan are experiments in unreal landscapes created via symmetrical imagery. They have a dreamlike otherworldly character even though they are, at the very same time, local and familiar. His brand new work talks about re-interpreting the urban place where he lives.

Starr Tucker-Ortega has utilized both traditional as well as non-traditional photography mediums like photograms and sunprints to make abstract photographs. Her brand new digital photographs deals with light, color and tranquility. In this brand new work, she brings up a feeling of serenity and impermanence where the viewer could be transported to yet another time, place or universe.

Wildlife photography showcase at the Copeland Gallery

John Humphrey, a wildlife photographer, is the featured artist at Copeland Gallery. His snaps could be seen from Monday through 30th March with an artists reception from 5pm to 7 pm on 6th Feb. there will be refreshments, and the exhibit it is free to the public.

Humphrey, born in Florida, was raised in Southern California. When he retired from the Verizon Communications, he along with his wife went to Carson Valley. Humphrey told that his love has always been the wildlife as well as the outdoors, from viewing, to capturing to protecting, those snaps that he envision, and to share those snaps for others to relish and learn from.

He further added that for the last forty years he has played with photography, shooting military air shows, family, wildlife as well as several special events, but for the last 6 years he has concentrated on the wildlife across the Carson Valley when stepping up his photography endeavors to include wildlife tours to click pictures of eagles, wild horses, owls and others.